We feel responsible for the effects of our actions on the environment, society and the economy. You can and should expect this of us. Because the trust that our employees, customers and general public place in us brings us opportunities to drive, shape and change many things. For us, sustainability means ensuring the company's long-term success while at the same time protecting the natural environment and resources. In order to achieve this, we have defined four areas of activity, from which our sustainability priorities are derived.


Anyone like us who uses and appreciates the gifts of nature, naturally places a particular focus on protection of the environment. This is also illustrated by our membership of the Umweltpakt-Saar initiative, a government-industry alliance set up to promote voluntary actions for greater environmental protection.


Our company slogan is “in harmony with nature”. In practical terms, this means, where possible, producing creams and gels that are free from silicone, petroleum derivatives and preservatives. In this way, we manage to handle natural resources as responsibly as possible and constantly invest in research and development of sustainable products.


We encourage a company culture in which employees feel valued and can develop their potential, regardless of their origin, age or gender.


We are conscious of our social responsibility. In our view, 'Made in Saarland' is already a seal of quality in its own right. Our products are produced exclusively at two locations in Homburg - on Michelinstraße in plant I, housing production, storage, quality control and research and development. And at plant II on Dr.-Theiss-Straße, including a large production and logistics centre. However, our social responsibly is reflected not only in the securing of the Saarland location, but also in promotion of junior researchers and long-term support for training projects. For example, we are a large-scale sponsor of sports and are also active in social issues, education and science as well as art and culture.