Dr.Theiss GmbH


Quite a few things have happened in a company history spanning almost 40 years. A lot has changed, but the best remains! This medium-sized company has grown steadily since its foundation, and continues to do so today. Find out more about Dr. Theiss GmbH and its founder.

2017 First place OTC Company of the Year Pharma Marketing Award 2017

Launch Eyeliner med, Mascara med waterproof and Mascara med volume

2017 Opening of Gulliver Welt in the Blumengarten flower garden in Bexbach
2017 Opening of the Gelatoh ice cream parlour
2016 Launch of a medical decorative cosmetics line under medipharma cosmetics Mascara med
2016 Sun care product launch
2015 Opening of the Ohlio restaurant and wine botique
2015 Relaunch of the hyaluronic product range
2014 Product launch for the proff brand  (Dolorgiet, a medium-sized family company based in Sankt Augustin, Germany)
2014 Pasta Romana product launch, a family company with Italian roots
2012 Acquisition of the old miniatures from the Verein Gulliver Welt 2.0 e.V.
2011 Relocation of administrative operations to Paul-Weber-Haus in Homburg, Germany. Visit by the former Federal President Christian Wulff to Dr. Theiss Naturwaren during his first visit to Saarland.
2009 A section of the street renamed from “In den Rohrwiesen” to “Dr.-Peter-Theiss-Straße”. Dr. Peter Theiss awarded the honorary title of “Professor” by Prime Minister Peter Müller.
2006/2007 Expansion of the production plants to include a forwarding and logistics centre in the industrial area in Rohrwiesen
2005 Acquisition of Allga Pharma GmbH (Allgäuer Latschenkiefer)
2002 Launch of olive oil facial care under Medipharma Cosmetics
2001 Conversion into Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH
Early 1990s A large part of the company's success is thanks to its early focus on the slowly emerging Eastern European markets in the early 1990s. With its comprehensive product range, Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH ranks among the market leaders in the region, in particular in Poland, Hungary, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.
Mid-1980s Continuously increasing demand for natural medicinal and personal care products rapidly led to an expansion of the product range which was enjoying huge success in German pharmacies. Boosted by this positive development, the company began exporting to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
1984 Production relocated to the 'Ost' industrial area in Homburg.
1978 Founding year of Dr. Theiss OHG: Following his own extensive production of natural remedies in the "Markt-Apotheke" pharmacy, Dr. Peter Theiss and his wife, the alternative practitioner Barbara Theiss, founded Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH.
1976 Takeover of his father's Markt-Apotheke pharmacy