Dr. Theiss Group


As a medium-sized family company still managed by its founder, we produce and develop a wide range of products in the pharmaceutical cosmetics sector.

The respected pharmacist and researcher Dr. Peter Theiss from the German city of Homburg recognised the trend towards naturopathy around 40 years ago. Following his own extensive production of natural remedies and in response to increasing demand, he founded Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH in 1978, initially consisting of only the Dr. Theiss brand.

Over the years, the Dr. Theiss group's product and brand portfolio has multiplied. Today, numerous additional brands also feature in our portfolio alongside Dr. Theiss and Dolorgiet products. These include: Dr. Theiss, Lacalut, proff, medipharma cosmetics and Allgäuer Latschenkiefer. 

We employ approximately 510 staff in Homburg. and have 20 subsidiaries and 2,000 employees worldwide, including over 700 sales representatives. Our products are sold in more than 60 countries (in addition to Germany, for example in the USA, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, etc.) and are manufactured in two production plants in Homburg.

As well as the two production plants, our headquarters are also based in Homburg. From cosmetics to health care, our brand products make our customers' everyday lives that little bit better. People are continuously surprised when they get to know us better. Because, behind our big brands is a naturally developed family company from Saarland, Germany.

Which means that all our products are “Made in Germany”.


Dr. Theiss is cosmetic pharmaceutical products developed for dry, itching skin, and offers natural medicinal products, dietary supplements, analgesics and cosmetics. All products are manufactured in keeping with our company's guiding principle – in harmony with nature – and are sold in pharmacies. We place particular value on the quality of results during the development and manufacturing of our products. Reflecting this emphasis, our priority is to use only premium ingredients in all Dr. Theiss products: original Allgäu mountain pine oil, cold-pressed “extra virgin” olive oil from Tuscany, natural evening primrose oil and many more. The Dr. Theiss group currently ranks no. 3 in the personal care market in German pharmacies. And our development is naturally continuing. For example, with our new dermocosmetic products under the medipharma brand, we now also offer innovative and targeted skincare and beauty solutions.

Dr. Theiss Naturwaren