Beautiful, healthy teeth are absolutely essential these days. Now more than ever, we associate a radiant smile with good looks, health and vitality. Our Lacalut dental care range provides all-round protection for teeth and gums.

Healthy teeth

Regular care is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy appearance and keeping your teeth healthy in the long term. Bacterial deposits (plaque) are one of the main causes of numerous dental disorders such as tooth decay, gingivitis and parodontitis. The more thoroughly these deposits are removed, the better protected you will be from these kinds of dental problems.

Success from tradition

Lacalut is one of Germany's oldest dental care brands and through innovation, expertise and passion has been ensuring healthy and carefree smiles for over 90 years. Driven by its customers' wishes, Lacalut researches and develops its products in the Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH research institute in Homburg and sells them in over 60 countries around the world.